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Michigan Railroad Radio Frequencies

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End of Train Device (EOT)

457.9375  End of Train Telemetry

Adrian & Blissfield (ADBF)

160.65036 All operations
161.22074 Riga interchange

Algoma Central (ACRI)
Operating in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

160.53028Ch. 1Road
160.57531Ch. 2Yard
160.60533Ch. 3Yard

Amtrak (AMTK)
Most non-Michigan frequencies omitted

151.515N/A Amtrak/Union Station Police
160.24509 Police (Detroit)
160.30513 Passenger services
160.36517 Amtrak/Union Station Police
160.39519 MOW
160.54529 Special agents
160.74042 Shop
161.20573 Car department
161.26577 Police/mutual aid
161.32581 MOW
Road (Porter, IN to Kalamazoo, MI)
161.50593 Police (Detroit)

Ann Arbor (AA)
Operating in Toledo, OH

161.35583 Switch/general operations
161.49092 Road and Ottawa Yard, Toledo

Canadian National/Illinois Central (CN/IC)

160.36517Ch. 5Terminal switching
160.48525Ch. 6Dispatcher
160.66537Ch. 4Dispatcher
160.93555Ch. 3Dispatcher
161.02561Ch. 8Dispatcher
161.20573Ch. 2Dispatcher
161.41587Ch. 1End to end
161.50593 Police

Canadian National/Illinois Central Michigan District (CN/IC)
Formerly Grand Trunk Western (GTW)

160.44022 Police
160.47024 Police (Detroit Area)
160.53028Ch. 2Dispatcher
160.59032Ch. 1Road
160.68038 Yard
160.74042 Yard
160.84549Ch. 3Yard
160.90553 Special Agents
160.92054 Road (ex-DT&S)
160.95056Ch. 4MofW
160.98058 PBX
161.01060 PBX
161.04062 Yard
161.22074 Dispatcher for Flint Sub (TD3)
Road (ex-DT&I)
161.28078 Police

Central Michigan (CMGN)

161.28078Ch. 1Road
161.31080Ch. 2Yard, LSRC interchange, Bay City

C P Rail (CP)
Doesn't have trackage in Michigan

452.9375 CP508Head of Train Telemetry
457.9375 CP507End of Train Telemetry

Most non-Michigan frequencies omitted

160.2308 Road (ex-Chessie)
160.27511 Carmen
160.29012 Yard
160.32014 Dispatcher AW (ex-Chessie)
160.53028 Yard (ex-Chessie)
160.63535 Dispatcher BX
160.74042 Yard
160.78545 MOW/engineering
160.87551 Police
160.89052Ch. Y1 
160.98058 PBX
161.16070 Yard
161.28078 Yard
161.29579 Police
161.37084 Dispatcher AX (ex-SBD)
161.46090 Yard

Coe Rail (CRLE)

161.02561 General Operations

Delray Connecting (DC)

153.050  Mill operations
153.080  Plant operations

Escanaba & Lake Superior (ELS)

Ch. 1Road
Ch. 2Road

Grand Rapids & Eastern (GR)

161.23575 General Operations

Huron & Eastern (HESR)

160.38018 FCC - Base & Mobile
160.44022 Road & Yard
161.35583 Dispatcher
161.40086 CC - Base & Mobile

Illinois Central (IC)

160.72541 Piggyback ramps
160.81547 Woodcrest shops
160.92054Ch. F2Road
160.95056Ch. Y3Yard
161.01060Ch. Y4Yard
161.19072Ch. F1Road
161.20573 Special Agents
161.28078Ch. Y2Yard
161.46090Ch. Y1Yard
161.50593 Yard

Indiana & Ohio (IORY)
Operating in Logan, OH

160.57531 Yard
161.22074 Road (ex-DT&I)
161.38585 Road

Indiana Northeastern (IN)

161.10066 Road & Yard
161.40086 Dispatcher

Lake States (LSRC)

160.35016Ch. 3Limited Use
161.28078Ch. 2Administration
161.31080Ch. 1General Operations

Lake Superior & Ishpeming (LSI)

156.800  Ore Docks - Ship to Shore
160.2308 Road & Repeater Output
160.95056 MOW
161.49092 Repeater

Michigan Shore Railroad (MSR)

161.23575 General Operations

Michigan Southern (MSO)

160.75543 General Operations

Mid-Michigan Railroad (MMRR)

154.570  FCC - Mobiles
154.600  FCC - Mobiles
160.81547 MOW
161.14569 General Operations
161.23575 General Operations
FCC - Base & Mobiles

Norfolk Southern (NS)
Most non-Michigan frequencies omitted

160.30513 Police (Car to Car)
160.38018 Melvindale Yard (Car Dept.)
160.44022 Road
160.51527PBX 9PBX
160.62034 Melvindale Yard (Car Dept.)
160.80046Ch. 1Road
160.86050Ch. 3Yard
160.98058Ch. 4Yard
161.07064Ch. 2Yard
161.11567 End of Train Telemetry
161.20573 Police (Car to Car)
161.23575PBX 9PBX
161.25076 Oakwood Yard
161.28078 Police (Mutual Aid)

Saginaw Valley (SGVY)

161.40086 General Operations

Tuscola & Saginaw Bay (TSBY)

160.57531Ch. 1Road and Dispatcher
161.10066Ch. 2Car shops

West Michigan (WMI)

161.02561 General Operations

Wisconsin Central (WC)

160.26010Ch. 2Road
Gladstone Yard
160.33515Ch. 4Road
160.78545Ch. 1Road (WC lines west)
160.84549Ch. 5Yard
161.07064Ch. 6Yard
161.25076Ch. 7Yard
161.29579Ch. 3Road (WC lines east)
161.38585Ch. 8Yard

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